Ismered az ABC-t? Elhiszem! De ismered-e a fedélzetmester ABC-jét? Bár szerintem jobb a tengerész abécé fordítás.
Ha nem, itt a remek alkalom, a következő shanty a Bosun's Alphabet.
Ennek a nótának sok variációja van: Sailor's Alphabet (Matróz ábécé), Fishermen's Alphabet (halász ábécé), Bargeman Alphabet (uszályos ábécé),
Lumbermen's Alphabet (Fűrészmalmos ábécé). Ez utóbbit nem tudom egy szóban visszaadni. A lumberman fűrészárukkal foglalkozik többek között a sawmillben, azaz a fűrészmalomban, készít, elad, beépít, stb. Ha tudsz jó magyar fordítást rá, megköszönöm!

A's for the anchor that lies at our bow
B's for the bowsprit and the jibs all lie low
C's for the capstan we all run around
D's for the davits to lower the boat down
Merrily, merrily
So merry sail we, no mortal on earth like a sailor at sea
Heave away, haul away, the ship rolls along
Give a sailor his grog and there's nothing goes wrong
E's for the ensign that at our mast flew
F's for the forecastle where lives our crew
G's for the galley where the salt junk smells strong
And H is the halyards we hoist with a song
I's for the eyebolts, good for the feet
J's for the jibs that stand by the lee sheet
K's for the knighthead where the petty officer stands
L's for the leeside, hard found by new hands
M's for the mainmast, it's stout and it's strong
N's for the needle that never points wrong
O's for the oars of our old jolly boats
And P's for the pinnace that lively do float
Q's for the quarterdeck where our officers stand
And R's for the rudder that keeps the ship in command
S is for the stunsells that drive her along
T's for the topsail, to get there takes long
U's for the uniform, mostly worn aft
V's for the vangs running from the main gap
W's for water, we're on a pint and a pound
And X marks the spot where old Stormy was drowned
Y's for yardarm, needs a good sailor man
Z is for Zoe, I'm her fancy man
Z's also for zero in the cold winter time
And now we have brought all the letters in rhyme